WW2 German Wehrmacht 8.8 cm KwK36 Inert Steel Shell – KwK 36 / Panzer VI “TIGER” #3 – NICE!


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You are bidding on a SUPERB example of a WW2 German 8.8cm KwK36 Inert Steel Shell, as used by Germany’s famous Panzer VI “Tiger” and FlaK 18/36/37 anti-aircraft/anti-tank weapons!


The 8.8 cm KwK 36 L/56 (German: 8,8 cm Kampfwagenkanone 36 L/56) was an 88 mm tank gun used by the German Heer during World War II. This was the primary armament of the PzKpfw VI Tiger I tank.  It was developed and built by Krupp.


Made of solid steel, this is a FANTASTIC piece of history!  There is some slight wear and corrosion, however it remains VERY SOLID!  Most of the markings are legible, and it retains 90% of it’s original wartime coloring!  Though the ink stamps are dated 1941, I believe this was done by a previous collector.  Measures approx. 22″ in overall height, and 4″ in diameter.  Would make a PERFECT addition to any collection or display!

Please email me if you need additional photos or information.