WW2 Japanese Imperial Japanese NAVY Type 96 25mm AP Round – Type 97 Anti-Tank / Anti-Aircraft Cannon – RARE!


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This is a SUPERB and VERY RARE example of a 100% INERT WW2  Imperial Japanese Navy 25mm AP Round, as in conjunction with the Type 97 Anti-Tank  / Anti-Aircraft Cannon!  This was used on various ships and submarines…and was also converted for ground-use.


The Type 96 25mm Gun (九六式二十五粍高角機銃, Kyūroku-shiki nijyūgo-miri Kōkakukijū) was an automatic cannon used by the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II.  A locally-built variant of the French Hotchkiss 25mm anti-aircraft gun, it was designed as a dual-purpose weapon for use against armored vehicles and aircraft, but was primarily used as an anti-aircraft gun in fixed mounts with one to three guns.


Made of brass and steel, this is a FANTASTIC piece of history!  Completely inert, there are some very slight wear and marks, however it remains VERY SOLID with much of the original paint and finish!  EASILY one of the nicest I have owned, with various marking throughout.

Would make a PERFECT addition to any collection or display!