WW2 US Navy 3"/50 Caliber Warship AA Ammunition TRAINING ROUND – NICE!


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You are bidding on an EXTREMELY RARE and 100% original WW2 US Navy 3″ AA Training Round!  This was used in conjunction with the 3″/50 Gun, as used on various WW2 Navy Warships and Submarines!

The WW2 US Navy 3″/50 caliber gun fired a projectile 3 inches (76 mm) in diameter, with a barrel that was 50 calibers long (barrel length is 3 in × 50 = 150 in or 3.8 m). Different guns (identified by Mark numbers) of this caliber were used by the U.S. Navy throughout WW2.  Different than the Mark 1, it was a built-up weapon with a side-swing carrier breech.

Made of brass, wood, and steel, this is a SUPERB item!  Though it has some slight marks, wear, and holes from corrosion, it is still VERY solid!  All information is legible on the round itself, and it retains much of it’s original blue paint!  As it is a training round, the casing was riveted to the projectile, and the inside was filled with wood, as opposed to powder.  Would make a SUPERB addition to any collection, display, or restoration project