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You are bidding on a STUNNING and EXTRAORDINARILY RARE example of a WW2 United States NAVY Mark 15 Norden Bomb Sight!  This sight was used by BOTH the Army and Navy during the war, on aircraft such as the North American B-25 Mitchell, Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, Consolidated B-24 Liberator, Boeing B-29 Superfortress, Grumman TBF Avenger, Douglas TBD Devastator, Martin JM Marauder, and others!


The Norden bombsight was a tachymetric bombsight used by the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) and the United States Navy during World War II, to aid the crew of bomber aircraft in dropping bombs accurately. Key to the operation of the Norden were two features; an analog computer that constantly calculated the bomb’s trajectory based on current flight conditions, and a linkage to the bomber’s autopilot that let it react quickly and accurately to changes in the wind or other effects. 

Together, these features allowed for unprecedented accuracy in day bombing from high altitudes. 

Both the Navy and the AAF saw this as a means to achieve war aims through high-altitude bombing, without resorting to area bombing, as proposed by European forces. To achieve these aims, the Norden was granted the utmost secrecy well into the war, and was part of a then-unprecedented production effort on the same scale as the Manhattan Project. Carl L. Norden, Inc. ranked 46th among United States corporations in the value of World War II military production contracts. 

The last combat use of the Norden was in the US Navy’s VO-67 squadron, which used them to drop sensors onto the Ho Chi Minh Trail as late as 1967. The Norden remains one of the best known bombsights of all time.



  Made of solid brass, aluminum, and steel with an black crackle-paint finish, this Norden bombing sight in is in AMAZING condition!  It retains 98% of it’s original paint and finish, with NO major damage or corrosion!  It comes with its original transport/mounting rack, and appears to be 100% complete!  Note that it is not currently attached to the rack, as one of the rack’s mounting clamps is broken (also missing the securing strap).  It is 100% mechanically functional, but I do not know if it is electrically, as I have no way of testing it.  The data label is 100% COMPLETE, and clearly indicates:




MARK    15     MOD     7

INSP.   GPK     NO.  L361




Overall, it is in EXCELLENT condition, with only a few marks and scratches from the age.  Sadly, the rubber around the eyepiece has corroded over time.  Optics are also VERY clear!  I have indicated it’s location in the last photos.  A SUPERB example, it would make a PERFECT addition to any collection or display!


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