WW2 Swedish / Finnish Army Air Force – 76.2cm x 605R Bofors M/27 (76 ItK/27 BK) – BRASS SHELL CASING – RARE!


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You are bidding on a SUPERB example of a WW2 Swedish (possibly Finnish) Army/Air Force 76.2 cm x 605R Bofors M/27 (76 ItK/27 BK) Fixed Mount Brass Shell Casing!

In the typical World War 1 era fashion, Bofors started its production of anti-aircraft guns by modifying existing Swedish 75-mm naval gun to anti-aircraft use in 1914.  later, they modified more 75-mm naval guns suitable for anti-aircraft use for Norway in 1915. This was followed by deal to manufacture some earlier ordered but undelivered Krupp-designed anti-aircraft guns for Netherlands in 1919. But still in mid 1920’s Bofors had no heavy anti-aircraft gun design of its own.  In 1926 the things started to change, when orders for test-guns arrived from Swedish Royal Ordnance Administration and Netherlands. However the biggest heavy anti-aircraft gun order for that year was Finnish order of eight 76.2-mm anti-aircraft guns. From these 8 guns, 4 were to be fixed guns (later named 76 ItK/27 BK) and other four were mobile guns (later named 76 ItK/28 B), which could be towed.  All the eight guns were rather traditional and obviously based to earlier Krupp designs. However as these small production could well be considered test-series of sort, both gun models had some notable differences. Later Finland ordered second patch of four 76 ItK/27 BK and additional four mobile (towed) 76 ItK/29 B. The first purpose-build Bofors-designed heavy AA-gun was 75-mm anti-aircraft gun m/30, which was further development based to guns bought in small numbers by China, Finland, Hungary and Persia in late 1920’s.

Made of solid brass, this item is in AMAZING used condition!  Some marks and scratches, but it still retains most of its original finish!  All manufacture stamps are clear, and show the size and type (along with inspection stamps).  I have shown the type of AA gun it was used in, in the last photos.  Would make an EXCELLENT addition to any collection or display!

Please email me if you need additional photos or information.