WW2 Imperial Japanese Navy Type 90 28mm Signal Flare Pistol – EXCELLENT!


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You are bidding on a VERY NICE example of a WW2 Imperial Japanese Navy Type 90 Flare Pistol!  These were used on ships and aircraft…and are far rarer than the Army version. 

The Nambu Type 90 was a flare gun of Japanese origin and manufactured by Nambu. It was used by the Imperial Japanese Navy and came with two or three barrels.

The barrels were made from blued steel and the body of the weapon was painted with a black lacquer. A two-position safety lever was just above the grip on the left side: up for Fire and down for Safe. The barrel was selected by a lever above the grip backstrap: left for the left barrel, right for the right barrel and center for the center barrel; on the double-barrel model the center position acted as a second safety.

The barrels had rectangular decals on them indicating which flare was loaded as standard. The three-barreled version’s barrels were marked one green decal on the right-hand barrel, one white decal on the top barrel, and one red with a yellow center stripe decal (to indicate red or yellow flares) on the left-hand barrel. White flares were used for illumination at twilight and night, black smoke was used for obscurement, and the colored flares were used for signalling. The shells had cardboard hulls with a brass or steel base.

The Imperial Navy’s Type 90 is rarer than the Imperial Army’s Type 10 for a few good reasons. First, they were made in lower numbers than the Army type. Second, they were usually issued to ships and Naval aircraft and were lost when they were destroyed or sank. Third, Soldiers and Marines who found flare guns on the battlefield often threw them away, as they were not seen as collectable as pistols, rifles, or knives.

Made of wood and steel, this Flare Pistol is in EXCELLENT used condition!  Made by Nambu, it retains approx 95% original paint and finish, with NO damage!  Some marks, scratches, and wear, but nothing that detracts.  The bore of the pistol is perfect, and the frame features a clear proofs and markings…as well as a Navy Anchor.  A VERY NICE example, it would make a FANTASTIC addition to any collection or display!