WW2 Imperial Japanese Army Type 10 35mm Signal Flare Pistol – EXCELLENT!


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You are bidding on a VERY NICE example of a WW2 Imperial Japanese Army Type 10 Flare Pistol!  These were used by both soldiers on the ground, as well as pilots.

The Japanese Army and Navy of the 1920s and 30s often used quite different equipment, and had a substantial interservice rivalry. Flare guns were one example of this separation, with the services using not just different flare pistols, but totally different flare cartridges. The Navy used a 28mm flare (mostly in double and triple barreled launchers like we saw last week), while the Army used a 35mm flare mostly in single barrel launchers like this Type 35.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Type 10 flare pistol is its similarity to the Type 26 revolver, with which is shares a number of distinctive features including the grips, spurless hammer, and trigger guard. These flare pistols were typically issued in leather holsters, but towards the end of the war a substitute type made of rubberized canvas was also issued.

Made of wood and steel, this Flare Pistol is in EXCELLENT used condition!  Made by the Kokura Arsenal, it retains approx 95% original paint and finish, with NO damage!  Some marks, scratches, and wear, but nothing that detracts.  The bore of the pistol is perfect, and the frame features a clear proofs and markings.  The only issue I see is that the internal spring clip that pushes the barrel open when releasing is broken.  It does not affect the function, and is an easy replacement.  An VERY NICE example, it would make a FANTASTIC addition to any collection or display!