WW2 Imperial Japanese Army Navy – TYPE 91 HAND GRENADE #3 – VERY NICE!


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You are bidding on a SUPERB example of a 100% INERT WW2 Imperial Japanese Army / Navy Issue Type 91 Hand Grenade!

The Type 91 Hand Grenade (九一式手榴弾 Kyūichi-shiki Teryūdan) was an improved version of the Type 10 fragmentation hand grenade/rifle grenade of the Imperial Japanese Army. Although superseded as a hand-thrown weapon by the Type 97 by the start of World War II it was still used by units in the Second Sino-Japanese War and by reserve forces, as well as the Japanese Navy’s Special Naval Landing Forces.

The Japanese Army, noting that grenades were short-ranged weapons, began efforts to optimize these weapons for close-in infantry fighting. The first hand-thrown fragmentation grenade was the Type 10. Soon after introduction of the Type 10 grenade to front line combat troops, a number of issues arose. When hand-thrown, instability and inaccuracy of the fuse mechanism made the Type 10 almost as much of a menace to the thrower as to the recipient. Furthermore, the weapon was regarded as undersized, and lacked desired lethality.

The Japanese Army continued to experiment with rifle and hand-thrown grenades between the wars and would adopt a family of fragmentation grenades with almost universal adaptability. Introduced in 1931, the Type 91 fragmentation grenade could be thrown by hand, fired from a cup-type grenade launcher (the Type 100), discharged by a lightweight mortar-like projector (the Type 89 grenade discharger, or knee mortar).  or fitted with finned tail-assembly and fired from a spigot-type rifle grenade launcher.


Made of a brass and steel, this item is in AMAZING used condition!  It was manufactured between 1939 and 1945, and features MUCH of it’s original paint and finish!  Numerous manufacture marks and inspection stamps.  The pin is also 100% original.  Approx. 6.5″ in overall length, there are no breaks, damage, or cracks!  A PERFECT item for any collection or display!

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