WW2 Imperial Japanese Army Airforce Seikosha Navigator Stopwatches x2 – NICE!


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You are bidding on a FANTASTIC set of TWO WW2 Japanese Army and Navy Seikosha Phonotelemeter (Acoustic Distant) Stopwatches!  These were intended for use with Artillery Pieces, as well as Torpedo Boats and Submarines!


 This stopwatch was used to measure time intervals with the difference in velocity between light (300,000 km/sec) and sound (300 m/sec).  Most commonly used for artillery range finding, the bearer would measure the time difference between the “flash” and the “bang” produced by an artillery discharge.  This calculation was then used to accurately calculate the target’s distance.  These were used for long-range targeting as well as on board torpedo boats and submarines to measure torpedo running time. 


These Seikosha Phonotelemeters are in AMAZING condition!  The manufacture name is clearly marked on the faces, and were manufactured between 1939 and 1945.  “Phonotelemeter” is printed in Latin characters on the porcelain dial (which is normal for this type of watch), and all writing is clearly legible.  Some very fine scratches on the rear of the casings due to the age. 

The watch represented in the wood box is 100% COMPLETE, however the balance staff needes to be replaced in order for it to function correctly.

The one represented outside of the wood box is also 100% COMPLETE, apart from the crystal, which is currently missing.  There is no damage to any of the internal parts, and both the balance staff and main spring are 100% INTACT!  It was functioning 100% until 2 weeks, ago, when it stops, and now does not want to run.  I suspect it just needs a cleaning, but I will leave that to the winning bidder.

At present, both are not functioning, so I am selling them as-is, for display, for parts, or for repair.  Like most Japanese items, these are VERY RARE items, perfect for any collection, or display!


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