WW2 German Wehrmacht Panzerfaust Gross 30 – “ARMOUR FIST” – RECOILLESS BAZOOKA – INERT – RARE!


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You are bidding on an BEAUTIFUL example of a WW2 German Wehrmacht Panzerfaust 30 Anti-Tank Bazooka!  100% INERT, this was a recovered from Lake Toplitz in the Austrian Alps many years ago.

The Panzerfaust (lit. “armor fist” or “tank fist”) is an inexpensive, single shot, recoilless German anti-tank weapon of World War II.  It consists of a small, disposable pre-loaded launch tube firing a high-explosive anti-tank warhead, and was intended to be operated by a single soldier.  The Panzerfaust’s direct ancestor was the similar, smaller-warhead Faustpatrone ordnance device. The Panzerfaust was in use from 1943 until the end of the war. The weapon’s concepts played an important part in the development of the later Russian RPG weapon systems.

During 1944-1945, the German Navy established a small testing station on the shores of Lake Toplitz. Torpedoes and other weapons were tested there. However, it wasn’t until after the end of the war that the lake gained a more sinister reputation.

Nearby banks were more than a little surprised when locals began attempting to exchange British banknotes. When questioned, they admitted that these had been discovered washed up on the shores of Lake Toplitz.

Investigations showed the banknotes to be high quality forgeries produced during Operation Bernhard, a Nazi attempt to destabilize Great Britain’s economy by flooding the country with forged banknotes. The operation never went ahead, but it seemed that at least some of the forged banknotes had somehow found their way to Lake Toplitz.

Made of steel, this set is in VERY NICE used condition!  Rarer than the more common Panzerfaust 60 (which was almost identical), there are some marks, scratches, and wear, but nothing that detracts. Still retains MUCH of it’s original paint and finish, making it EXCEEDINGLY RARE!  As it laid at the bottom of the lake with almost no oxygen present, it is VERY solid, with only slight corrosion.  The instruction label also still remains much intact, but would need some cleaning, as it is covered in dirt and stains.  Some of the original stenciling can also be seen.  The fins are missing, but originals come up quite often…so one could easily attach some to make it complete!  A SUPERB item, it would make a PERFECT addition to any collection or display!