WW2 German Wehrmacht – MAIN DATA PLATE – FORD V3000S/SSM Maultier Sd.Kfz. 3 NICE


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You are bidding on an EXTREMELY RARE and 100% original WW2 German Wehrmacht / Luftwaffe FORD manufactured VS3000S/SSM Maultier (Sd.Kfz. 3) MAIN Data Plate!  Recovered from a wreck on the Eastern Front, this tag was the main data tag located in the engine bay.


 The Maultier or
Sd.Kfz. 3 (“Mule”) is the name given to series of half-track
trucks used by Germans during World War II. They were based on Opel,
Mercedes-Benz, Alfa-Romeo or Ford trucks.
Soon after
invading Russia, German troops discovered that their wheeled transport vehicles
were unsuitable for the sparse road network, particularly in the muddy
conditions of the rasputitsa. Only half tracks like the Sd.Kfz. 11 could haul
supplies to forward units in these conditions, but removing them from their
combat role for supply duties was not feasible, so it was decided to produce
half-tracked versions of standard Opel, Daimler-Benz, Alfa-Romeo and Ford
trucks (lorries) by removing their rear axles, truncating the prop shafts and
connecting them to redundant Panzer I track assemblies. Heavier trucks (4 tons
payload) were fitted with Panzer II track assemblies.

suspension components employed by the Panzer I was practically identical to the
light tank track system used on the Universal Carrier, with the Maultier’s use
of them closely resembling the roadwheel/suspension system used by the T16
American-produced version in its roadwheel design. Following the fall of
Singapore rubber was scarce and so a Bedford QL was similarly adapted using a
Carden Lloyd suspension. While the Bedford Bren gave impressive traction and
excellent cross-country performance the higher cost and the effect of detail
improvements in automotive design and materials such as artificial rubber meant
this parallel British conversion never progressed beyond a single prototype,
later converted back into an all-wheel vehicle.

Most Maultier
conversions were based on Opel Blitz model S trucks, which proved successful in
service.  Ford variants were based on the V3000.

.Although they
lacked the overall mobility of purpose-built half tracks, they were cheaper and
sufficiently effective. From 1943 some Maultier trucks were fitted with armored
bodies, designated SdKfz 4.  Some of these were armed with 10 tubed rocket
launcher Panzerwerfer 42, and were designated SdKfz. 4/1.


Made of zinc, this is a VERY RARE piece and was found at the wrecksite.  It is a mid-war type of plate, featuring the FULL manufacture name indicating:


Also features the Build Date, Werk Number, Weights, and other pertinent information..  Though there is some slight corrosion, marks, and wear (also one large crack – see photo), all markings are VERY legible.  A VERY RARE item, it would make a SUPERB addition to any collection, display, or restoration project!



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