WW2 German Wehrmacht / Luftwaffe 2.8 cm sPzB 41 – SCHWERE PANZERBUSCHE 41 BRASS SHELL #2 – RARE!


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This is a VERY NICE example of a 100% INERT WW2 German Wehrmacht/Luftwaffe 28mm Brass Shell, as used by the Panzerbusche 41 Anti-Tank Gun!

The 2.8 cm schwere Panzerbüchse 41 (sPzB 41) or “Panzerbüchse 41” was a German anti-tank weapon working on the squeeze bore principle. Officially classified as a heavy anti-tank rifle (German: schwere Panzerbüchse), it would be better described, and is widely referred to, as a light anti-tank gun.

The sPzB 41 was used by some motorized divisions and by some Jäger (light infantry), Gebirgsjäger (mountain) and Fallschirmjäger (paratrooper) units. Some guns were supplied to anti-tank and sapper units.  The weapon was employed on the Eastern Front from the beginning of hostilities (the Wehrmacht possessed 183 pieces on 1 June 1941), until the end of the war and also saw combat in the North African Campaign and on the Western Front in 1944–45.

Made of solid brass, this is a FANTASTIC piece of history!  Completely inert, there are some slight wear and marks, however it remains VERY SOLID with various marking throughout.   Some damage and corrosion as you can see in the photos.  Would make a EXCELLENT addition to any collection or display!