WW2 German Wehrmacht 8.8 cm. Sprgr. Patr. L/4.5 (kz.) m. A.Z. 23/28 – PERCUSSION FUSE – NICE!


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You are bidding on a GOOD relic example of a WW2 8.8 cm. German Wehrmacht Sprgr. Patr. L/4.5 (kz.) m. A.Z. 23/28 Percussion Fuse, as used by Germany’s famous Panzer VI “Tiger” and FlaK 18/36/37 anti-aircraft/anti-tank weapons!


The 8.8 cm KwK 36 L/56 (German: 8,8 cm Kampfwagenkanone 36 L/56) was an 88 mm tank gun used by the German Heer during World War II. This was the primary armament of the PzKpfw VI Tiger I tank.  It was developed and built by Krupp.  The fuse is a combination superquick and delay (0.11 second) fuze similar in action and setting to the U.S. FUZE, P.D., M48, or FUZE, P.D., M51.

Made of steel, this fuse is in GOOD relic condition.  There is some slight wear, damage, and corrosion, however it remains VERY SOLID!  Most of the markings are hard to read/illegible.  Would make a PERFECT addition to any collection or display!

Please email me if you need additional photos or information.