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You are bidding on a SUPERB and 100% original WW2 German NSKK letter featuring the signature of Gruppenfuhrer Albert Bormann!  This was written in 1943, and addressed to a Katharina Wiederhold.  Written on letterhead belonging to Adolf Hitler.


 Albert Bormann (2 September 1902 – 8 April 1989) was a German National Socialist Motor Corps (NSKK) officer, who rose to the rank of Gruppenführer (Generalleutnant) during World War II.  Bormann served as an adjutant to Adolf Hitler, and was the younger brother of Martin Bormann.

On April 1931, Martin Bormann gained his brother a job with the Nazi Party Relief Fund in Munich. By October 1931, Bormann was assigned to Kanzlei des Führers (Hitler’s Chancellery) of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP). It was responsible for the Nazi Party and associated organizations and their dealings directly with Adolf Hitler. Bormann was different from his older brother, Martin. He was tall, cultured and “avoided the limelight”.  Bormann believed he was serving the greater good and did not use his position for personal gain. He became friends with SS-Obergruppenführer Philipp Bouhler, the chief of Hitler’s Chancellery (Der Chef der Kanzlei des Führers der NSDAP).

Hitler was fond of Bormann and found him to be trustworthy. In 1938, Bormann was assigned to a small group of adjutants who were not subordinate to Martin Bormann.  The relationship between Martin and Albert became so caustic that Martin referred to him not even by name but as “the man who holds the Führer’s coat”.  Further in 1938, Bormann became Chief of Main office I: Persönliche Angelegenheiten des Führers (Personal Affairs of the Führer) of the Kanzlei des Führers. In that job, Bormann handled much of Hitler’s routine correspondence.

Before being chosen as a private secretary for Hitler, Traudl Junge worked for Bormann in that office after she came to Berlin.  On 20 April 1945, during the Battle of Berlin, Bormann, Admiral Karl-Jesko von Puttkamer, Theodor Morell, Hugo Blaschke, secretaries Johanna Wolf, Christa Schroeder, and several others were ordered by Hitler to leave Berlin by aircraft for the Obersalzberg. The group flew out of Berlin on different flights by aircraft of the Fliegerstaffel des Führers over the following three days.


Made of paper, this letter is in EXCELLENT condition!  Written on June 12, 1943, it was sent to a Katharina Wiederhold.  He thanks her for the congratulations on Hitler’s birthday, and for the donation.  It is typed on official Adolf Hitler letterhead.  Some marks, wear, and creases due to the age on the reverse, but nothing that detracts.  100% original, it would look EXCELLENT framed!  A PERFECT addition to any collection or display!


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