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You are bidding on a SUPERB example of a 100% ORIGINAL WW2 German Kriegsmarine Cap Talley!  This was issued to all NCO personnel, and was affixed to the “Donald Duck” style sailor cap.

The German EM/NCO Donald Duck style sailor’s cap featured a Cap Talley to identify the ship, flotilla or land unit the individual was serving with.  Originally the script on the cap tallies was stitched in a gilt wire, however due to the potential of discoloration from tarnishing, regulations changed on October 29, 1936, indicating that all were to be sewn in a golden yellow celleon thread, instead.

The 10. Schiffsstamm-Abteilung was a peacekeeping unit based in Wesermünde and was set up in August 1937. It was subordinate to the 2nd Admiral of the North Sea and the 2. Schiffs-Stamm-Regiment.  In the winter of 1941/42, the Abteilung das Marine-Sonderkommando with three batteries.

The department became the 4. Marine-Lehr-Abteilung on January 1, 1944.   On the same day, it was reorganized in the Netherlands with four companies. It was subordinate to the 2. Admiral der Nordsee and the 4. Schiffs-Stamm-Regiment. 

The 10. Schiffsstammabteilung was alerted on September 17, 1944 as a result of enemy landing reported across Holland.  The commander, Korvettenkapitän T. Zaubzer, was given orders for it battalion (less two companies – that would remain in defence on the Waal) to proceed to Wageningen. Here it met up with 6th company of 14. Schiffsstammabteilung which came under command of Zaubzer. Before midnight, the five companies of 10. Schiffsstammabteilung were holding defensive positions at the eastern edge of the woods east of Wageningen. The night was relatively quiet except for a minor skirmish between men of 10. Schiffsstammabteilung and a combat patrol of B Coy, 1 Border who were occupying the village of Renkum. No casualties were suffered on either side.  September 18th 1944 would be a different story.

10. Schiffsstammabteilung advanced at daybreak and the attack commenced at 0615h (German time) with the objective of taken the brick yard facilities. The men advanced until there was a crescendo of fire from the enemy. The Naval infantry were hit by small-arms and heavy weapons were pinned down the attackers. The deployment of a Flak gun and an anti-tank did not make a difference for the attackers and it was until additional anti-tank guns were deployed that the men were able to move forward. Simultaneously three of Zaubzer’s companies moved around to the north with the objective of attacking Heelsum. It was probably this move that Maj Armstrong, OC B Coy 1 Borders, thought he was being outflanked, and gave his company the order to withdraw. The 10. Schiffsstammabteilung reported capturing a few prisoners as well as 4 Jeeps, some heavy weapons and other equipment which were left behind. Surprisingly the unit had only suffered 2 dead and 18 wounded.

The naval battalion advanced slowly on the 19th because it was harassed by snipers and small-arms fire by individuals or small groups. This was frustrating as the naval infantry never saw their enemy and the progress was very slow. However they took up position on the outskirts of the village of Heveadorp by the evening. The battalion attack Heveadorp on the 20th September 1944 and it suffered significant casualties. A total of 8 killed (inc. one company commander) and 37 wounded (including company commander of 6./14) was a significant loss to the battalion. However by nightfall they were able to advanced to the outskirts of Oosterbeek. The order was given, however, to withdraw the Naval unit who were to now take defensive positions along the Nederrijn.

The battalion remained in this location for the remainder of the battle. It was not quiet however with constant artillery and harassing fire from both the northern and southern side of the river. On one night, one of the company command posts was hit by artillery fire killing the company commander and a number of his staff. to make things worse, his replacement, was then killed the following night in close combat when the enemy tried to cross the river in boats. This one company had lost two commanders in a row. The battalion has lost a total of 3 Company commanders killed and one wounded (out of five) during the period 17 – 26 Sept 1944.

The battalion would remain in location for a few more days before being relieved by a Luftwaffe unit. The naval battalion moved 18km to the west and took up positions in Rhenen. It is estimated the unit suffered around 20 killed and between 90 – 140 wounded during the Battle of Arnhem.

In March 1945 it became Marine-Schützen-Regiment 162 of the 16. Marine-Infanterie-Division


 Made of black rayon with a gold/yellow thread, this Cap Tally is a VERY NICE example.  In used condition, it does feature some marks, wear, and stains, but is otherwise SUPERB!  Make for a FANTASTIC display! 


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