WW2 German Mother’s Cross – Ehrenkreuz der Deutschen Mutter – GOLD – VERY NICE!


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You are bidding on a SUPERB and 100% ORIGINAL cased set of WW2 German Mother’s Cross Awards!  This were awarded to all women of the Third Reich who bore 4 or more children.

The Mother’s Cross was introduced in December 1938 as part of a large propaganda campaign aimed at increasing the birth rate. The award was officially designated, “Honor Cross of the German Mother”, and was created to reward child bearing German females. The three grades consisted of: Bronze Cross (bearing four or five children); Silver Cross (bearing six or seven children); and Gold Cross (bearing eight or more children).  The criteria for the award was that the parents be of pure German blood, and that the mother was worthy of such an honor.  It is interesting to note that all members of all youth organizations were required to salute wearers of the Mother’s Cross.

Made by of what appears to be a tombac construction with Gold Plating, this Mother’s Cross set is in EXCELLENT used condition!  Almost all the finish remains and it features a Christian cross with blue and white enamel details.  Latin text on the front indicates, “Der Deutschen Mutter” (The German Mother), and the back features the hand-written script, “16 Dezember 1938“, along with a facsimile Adolf Hitler signature.  Would make a SUPERB addition to any collection or display!