WW2 German M.A.N. Werk Gustavsburg Factory Worker Badge – U-Boats V-1 V-2 – RARE


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You are bidding on a VERY RARE example of a WW2 German M.A.N. Werk Gustavsburg Factory Fprced Labor Werksmarke (Factory Workers Badge) as used for identification purposes!

 At the beginning of WW2, production at the Gustavsburg plant was increasingly converted to the production of goods of vital importance to the war effort.  During the French occupation in 1924, the Gustavsbug bridge builders, in collaboration with the Army Weapons Office in Berlin, secretly made projects for the development of demountable bridges for military and civilian purposes. As a result, the finished plans for quick-to-build makeshift bridges were already in the drawers of the Gustavsburger engineers, and so in 1937 the first pioneer bridges for tanks and other military vehicles were able to be delivered the Wehrmacht.

 In 1940 they were commission instructed to convert Rhine Barges for Operation Sea Lion (German invasion of Great Britain) and in 1941,  commissioned with the production of submarine parts and later armored doors and vehicles.  The company also participated in the expansion of the naval bases on the Atlantic coast,a s well as making boilers for ships and locomotives,

The war economy also included the construction and repair of bridges in Belgium, Russia and France between 1940 and 1945. As an important project for the wartime economy, they were also involved in the construction of one of the biggest steel factories in Braunschweig – the completed building was a HUGE 106m × 315m size.

In 1943, the MAN Gustavsburg plant was also involved in the production of V-1 Launchers and other components of V-weapons (V-1 & V-2).  As the Allies figured out that the V weapons were manufactured at Gustavsburg, the British and Americans increased the attacks on the plant. However, the damage, measured in terms of the destruction that other similar companies suffered, was still limited by only 27%.  Thought was given to relocate some production departments in the tunnels of Portland cement works Mainz-Weisenau, however these considerations were not put into reality.


Made of aluminum, this Factory Worker Badge is in SUPERB used condition.  All markings are clear to read, however there is some slight wear and marks due to the age.  The personnel’s photo, ID number and other pertinent info is clearly stamped into the front.  Dated 1940 on the back.  The ONLY one I have seen of its type, it would make a PERFECT addition to any collection or display!

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