WW2 German Luftwaffe / Wehrmacht Model LP42 Signal Flare Pistol – VERY NICE!


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You are bidding on a VERY NICE example of a WW2 German Wehrmacht/ Luftwaffe LP42 Flare Pistol!  These were used by both soldiers on the ground, as well as pilots.

The LP-42 Flare Gun, also known as Leuchtpistole 42, was a WW2-era German flare gun. Using a simplified design compared to the Leuchtpistole to save precious war materials and production effort, the LP-42 is made out of stamped galvanized steel rather than being fully machined. The LP-42 is capable of firing 27mm flares, smoke grenades, anti-personnel grenades, and anti-armor grenades.

Made of zinc, steel and bakelite, this Flare Pistol is is EXCELLENT used condition!  Made in 1942 by “wa” (Waffenfabrik Hugo Schneider AG, Leipzig), it retains approx. 90% original paint and finish, with NO damage!  Some slight corrosion, but that could easily be cleaned up.  Some marks, scratches, and wear, but nothing that detracts.  Features a Waffenamt on the top.  The two main screws that affix the grips has been replaced with modern screws, but that could be rectified by the winning bidder.  An VERY NICE late-war example, it would make a FANTASTIC addition to any collection or display!