WW2 German Luftwaffe Schusszähler 500 SZ500 Round Counter – Fw190 D w/ HISTORY!


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You are bidding on a SUPERB and 100% ORIGINAL WW2 German Luftwaffe Schusszähler 500 (SZ500 Round Counter), Fl. 47312, as used in most fighters, bombers, and destroyers, including the Me109, Fw190, Me262, Ju87, Ju88, Me110, and others!  This SPECIFIC example was removed from a Fw190 (most likely a D model) captured at Furth on May 8, 1945, by Lt. Col. Clyde Bennett East of the 15th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron.
This Round Counter was located on the main instrument panel.  It was installed to indicate the current ammunition count for each weapon. It flashed whenever one round of ammunition was spent, and remained solid white when a “jam” was present.  The “500” in SZ500 indicates it counted 500 rounds of ammunition (usually the MG).

On May 8, 1945, 4 German aircraft (3 Fw190’s and 1 Me109) were fleeing the Russians, and were met and escorted to Furth airfield where the e 15th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron was stationed.  Clyde wanted to fly the Fw190 to see how it compared to his Mustang…however…orders came down that no one was to fly the planes, as the war was over.  Not knowing the condition the aircraft were in, the higher ups also did not want someone going up and getting killed.  As a result, Clyde decided if he couldn’t fly the Fw190 then no one would.  As such, he removed this item (as well as some other items I have listed) from that specific Fw190.  The Fw190 aircraft that were captured at that time were:

Fw 190A-8, WNr. 961118, Rote 5 +, 2./JG 6
Fw 190A-8, WNr. 739533, Rote 6 + , 2./JG 6
Fw 190A-8, WNr. 961198, Rote 7 + , 2./JG 6
Fw 190A-8, WNr. 739276, <◄ C, ???
Fw 190D-9, WNr. 500570, Blaue 12 + -, 8./JG 6.
Fw 190D-9, WNr. 211939, Schwarze 4 + – , 6./JG 6.
Fw 190D-9, WNr. 211934, Schwarze <o + – , Stab II./JG

Clyde East began his World War II service with the Royal Canadian Air Force (too young for the US Army Air Corps), transferring to the U.S. Army Air Forces in January 1944 where he flew Spitfires and British Mustangs (his was the only Squadron that flew the British Mustang).  He became a USAAF DOUBLE ACE credited with shooting down 13 enemy aircraft in aerial combat.  He was the highest ranking reconnaissance Ace of the war.
He helped pave the way for the Normandy invasion by providing General Eisenhower and his staff with reconnaissance photographs of enemy troop concentrations and interdiction targets in Europe. East achieved his first victory on the day of the invasion, downing an FW-190. Then, he flew sorties in support of General Pattons dash across France and continued in action throughout the final campaigns of the war. By VE Day, he had amassed over 350 combat hours and chalked up 12 aerial victories.  After the war he transferred to the new U.S. Air Force, returning to combat duty in the Korean War. He retired in 1965 as a U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel.


 Made of aluminum and steel by hdc, this SZ500 is in EXCELLENT used condition. Some slight marks and scratches due to the age, but no damage or corrosion!  Still features it’s original data label, clearly indicating the manufacture and part number Fl. 47312.  Still functional, it also retains a NICE inspection stamp!  Most likely from a Fw190 D9, I have indicated it’s location in the last photo.  Would make a SUPERB addition to any collection, panel re-build, or restoration project!  

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