WW2 German Luftwaffe Sanitätspack fur Seerettungsgerät – Medical Pack – NICE!


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You are bidding on a FANTASTIC example of a WW2 German Luftwaffe Sanitätspack fur Seerettungsgerät (Medical Pack for See Rescue Equipment), FL. S10040 , as installed into many Fighters, Bombers, and Destoryers!  Used in aircraft sucha s the He111, Ju88, Ju290, He-177, Do17, Do217 etc.


The directives of the Oberkommando der Luftwaffe dictated that all operational aircraft be equipped with a special survival/emergency kit bag. The contents of the survival/emergency kit bags depended on the size of the aircraft and crew, the duration/distance of the flight and also took into consideration any special terrain, (water, desert, etc.), that the aircraft would be required to fly over.  A member of an aircraft’s crew would be assigned to maintain the contents of the survival/emergency bag and the medical supplies were drawn from the attached medical unit.


Made of a rubberized & waterproof cotton, this medical pouch is in EXCELLENT unused condition!  Brought back by a US veteran, it features a main zipper closure and snaps.  The front is stamped with the red cross symbol, and indicates:


Sanitätstasche für Seerettungsgerät

(Medical Pouch for See Rescue Equipment)


Anforderungszeichen: S10040

(Requisition number S10040)


Werknummer Nr.  18970

(Serial Number 18970)


 2 Verbandpäckchen, groß

(2 Field Dressings, Large)


2 Verbandpäckchen, klein

(2 Field Dressings, Small)


 1 Abschnürbinde aus Stoff

(1 Cloth Tourniquet)


1 kombiniteres Preßtück

(1 Combined Compression Piece)


2 Dosen Sparta Creme

(2 Cans of Sparta Cream)


1 Kleiderschere

1 Garment scissors


12 Sicherheitsnadeln

(12 Safety Pins)


1 Verbandtuch

(1 Cloth Bandage)


25 cm Schnellverband

(25 Centimeters Quick Surgical Dressing)


1 Tube zu 10g Borsalbe

(1 10g Tube of Boric Ointment)



Additionally, the bottom features the bold writing “Ergänzung erfolgt durch den Truppenarzt” (Replenish issue through the Troop Physician).  It appears to be 100% complete, with all contents..however one of the snaps is missing at the back (see photos).  One of the NICEST I have seen it would make a PERFECT addition to any collection or display!


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