WW2 German Luftwaffe Round Wartungsklappe Access Hatch #8 – Ar196 Floatplane


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You are bidding on an AMAZING and VERY RARE example of a 100% ORIGINAL WW2 German Luftwaffe Ar196 Float Plane Round Wartungklappe (Access Hatch)!  This was located on the top section of one of the floats!




The Ar 196 was a shipboard reconnaissance aircraft built by the German firm Arado starting in 1936. The next year it was selected as the winner of a design contest, and became the standard aircraft of the Kriegsmarine (German Navy) throughout World War II.

The plane was loved by its pilots, who found it handled well both in the air and on the water. With the loss of the German surface fleet the A-1s were added to coastal squadrons, and continued to fly reconnaissance missions and submarine hunts into late 1944. Two notable operations were the capture of HMS Seal, and the repeated interception of RAF Armstrong-Whitworth Whitley bombers. Although it was no match for a fighter, it was considerably better than its Allied counterparts, and generally considered the best of its class. Owing to its good handling on water, the Finnish Air Force utilized Ar 196 solely on transporting and supplying special forces patrols behind enemy lines, landing on small lakes in remote areas. Several fully-equipped soldiers were carried in the fuselage.



  Access hatches were normally located on various places on the fuselage and wings of the aircraft, allowing for easy access to the weapons charging system, oxygen filler tanks, hydraulics, etc.  This SPECIFIC hatch was located on top of one of the main floats.



Made of aluminum and steel, this SUPERB Ar-196 Hatch was manufactured around 1938 – 1944.  It features 95% original camouflage paint, consisting of RLM74!  Some slight damage, bends, dirt, and corrosion, but that is expected due to the age.   Though a bit hard to read, it features an Ar196 part number under the main latch (see photos).  This is the only one I have seen of this type…but I am not 100% sure of the exact location (traces of yellow paint indicated Fuel System).  Latch could be made functional, but needs a bit of a clean.  Measuring approx. 7″ in diameter, this is probably from a later aircraft.  I have indicated the EXACT locations where these types hatches were installed in the last photos.  With only 541 ever built, this is an EXTRAORDINARILY rare piece, and would make a SUPERB addition to any collection or display!


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