WW2 German Luftwaffe Autograph – HPTM. RUDOLF WITZIG – Wartime Signed Card


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You are bidding on a SUPERB and 100% original WW2 German Luftwaffe autographed photo of  Hauptmann Rudolf Witzig.  Unlike most of the autographs you see, this is a WARTIME signed postcard (not post-war).


As commander of Sturmgruppe Granit (Assaultgroup Granite), Witzig took part in the storming of Fortress Eben-Emaël in Belgium on May 10th, 1940. Sturmgruppe Granit was to land on top of the fortress in gliders. The glider containing Trupp 11 (Section) and Rudolf Witzig encountered problems with its tow cable and was forced to return to Germany. Witzig joined his men three hours later after having arranged alternative transport. May 16th, 1940, all soldiers who had participated in the attack were promoted to the next higher rank, Witzig attaining the rank of Hauptmann.

During Operation Mercury, the invasion of the island of Crete, Witzig was in command of 9 Kompanie/III Luftlande-Sturm-Regiment (Airborne Assault Regiment) and landed in the Maleme area. He was injured during the fighting and was transferred to the Luftwaffe hospital in Athens and later on to various other hospitals.

From November 1942 onwards, Witzig and his batallion served in Tunisia, being attached to Luftwaffe Regiment Barenthin under Oberst Von Manteuffel, General Von Broich and General Bülowius. The batallion lent assistance on the defense line in the northern sector of Tunisia where Witzig’s name would be closely tied to the succesfull defensive actions. Finally, the survivors of the batallion were pulled out of North-Africa prior to the general surrender in May 1943.

JAs Commander of I./Fallschirm Pionier Regiment 21 he then came into action inJuly 1944, in Lituania. The individual companys took up positions in open field near the road between Dunaburg and Kovno and settled down to wait for the Soviet advance. July 26th, the Soviets attacked with a strong armoured regiment. It would be the fiercest battle the batallion would participate in and the losses were severe. However, they inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy as well, knocking out no less than 27 enemy tanks. Finally they were forced to relinguish their positions and retreat towards eastern Prussia.

As Commander of Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 18, Witzig between February and March 1945, bitterly contested superior British and Canadian forces in the Reichswald (State Forest) and retreated in March to defend the river Rhine. Allied armour pushed them even further back into Germany. Finally, Witzig and the other survivors surrendered to the Allies May 8th, 1945. 

Made of heavy card, this postcard is in EXCELLENT condition!  Featuring an artistic sketch of Witzig, it is signed in ink at the bottom.  Some marks and wear due to the age on the reverse, but nothing that detracts.  100% original, it would look EXCELLENT framed!  A PERFECT addition to any collection or display! 

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