WW2 German Luftwaffe Aircraft Seitenflosse – VERTICAL STABILIZER & SWASTIKA – Me109 E – RUSSIAN FRONT – VERY RARE!


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You are bidding on a SUPERB and EXTREMELY RARE piece of history!  This is an AMAZING example of a 100% ORIGINAL WW2 German Luftwaffe Me109 Seitenflosse (Vertical Stabilizer), used ONLY in the Me109 E series Fighter Aircraft!  This specific stabilizer originated from an Me109 E that served on the Russian Front.


Made of aluminum and steel, this Me109 E vertical stabilizer is a SUPERB piece of history!  Dating between 1939 and 1941, it retains 95% of it’s original paint and markings, with almost no corrosion!  Some slight damage, marks, and bends as it came from a crash, but otherwise PERFECT!  There are some burn marks and paint bubbling, indicating the original aircraft was most likely destroyed in a fire.  The starboard side features a VERY CLEAR and almost complete Swastika…however it is mostly flaked off from the weather on the port side (this side was probably exposed to the air).  Also still retains the original data plate, clearly indicating the werk number and manufacture.  The only corrosion I can see is on the leading edge, which is common, as it was made of a magnesium alloy.  Otherwise, it is near PERFECT!  In my years of collecting, I have only seen ONE other example in private hands!  I have indicated the area of the Me109 this panel is from in the last photos.  Measuring approx. 30″ x 30″ in size, it would make for a SUPERB display!!   A VERY RARE addition to any collection, display, or restoration project!

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