WW2 German Luftwaffe Afrika Armelband – AFRIKA KORPS CUFF TITLE & DOCUMENTS – NICE!!




You are bidding on an EXCEPTIONAL example of a WW2 German Luftwaffe Afrika Korps Armelband (Arm Band) and Documents!  These all belonged to Unteroffizier Walter Menedetter who served with Fliegerhorstkommandantur (E) 20/VI!  Formed on June 20, 29140, sadly, this uit was destroyed in Tunis in 1943.

Made of a soft tan machine embroidered “camel hair” material, this Cuff Title is in SUPERB condition!  it is 100% ORIGINAL, and as mentioned, belonged to Uffz. Walter Menedetter.  Features the word “Afrika” on the front, which is flanked by palm trees on each side.  All braiding is a bright silver.  The RARE features is that it includes the ORIGINAL Certificate, dated may 1943, signed by a Major.  Also included are:


Certificate to 1939 War Merit Cross 2nd Class with swords. Issued on 15.12.1942.

Hitler Youth Membership Badge in gold with Certificate  B-type. RZM “M1/120” maker marked. The pin was removed and a small hole was drilled, most likely to attach to a cap.

Ribbon bar to 1939 War Merit Cross 2nd Class with swords

German-Italian Campaign Medal.

As all items are over 75 years old, there are some marks and wear from use and age…however all details are clearly legible.  A FANTASTIC addition to any collection or display!

 Please email me if you need additional photos or information.