WW2 German Kriegsmarine ZEISS B.Z C/2 5x/10x – SHIP NAVAL GUN BINOCULARS – RARE


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You are bidding on a VERY NICE example of a RARE set of WW2 German 5×70 / 10×70 Kriegsmarine B.Z. C/2 Naval Gun Binoculars!  Used on various Cruisers, Destroyers, Battleships, and Coastal Units that were equipped with the 10.5cm and 12.7cm Naval Gun!  These were captured at the end of the war.  

This binocular style aiming gunsight represents a top performing example in the development of Zeiss optics.  Its special design made it extremely durable for the rough conditions present while at sea.

The B.Z. C/2 (Binokulares Zielfernrohr C/2) m. Grupla. mit Vergrößerungswechsel 5x/10x, with straight (not angled) oculars was used exclusively on large German warships (equipped with the 10.5cm and 12.7cm guns) for direct fire at at land and sea targets.  This SPECIFIC variant was mounted on a center pivot mount so that it could be swiveled and adjusted in height…and could be mounted on the right or left of the gun. The optical parts are specially embedded in the housing to withstand the strong vibrations from the recoil of the gun.

The magnification is “5x / 10×70”, which indicates 5x and 10x magnification with 70 mm lenses.  The field of view at 5x magnification is 14 ° = 245m / 1000m…and at 10x magnification, it is 7 ° = 122m / 1000m.

The gunsight is characterized by its high optical performance, especially when used in twilight and at night, and features bellows-shaped, rotatable and internally ventilated rubber eyecups.  They are also designed with an extension on the sides as protection against side light from entering.

It has a an elaborate wide-angle eyepiece construction, with eyepiece lenses that are mounted on the inside in a resilient metal housing.  When focusing, there are two separate knobs that are turned left or right, thus adjusting the focus on each lens.  Also features a wheel for adjusting the eye width, with the eye relief indicated in millimeters on a central scale.

There is a large knob that adjusts between 5x to 10x magnification, by internally placing a separate lens assembly in front of the 70 mm objective lenses.

It has a large padded rubber forehead support for long-lasting, comfortable observation..and a smaller forehead pad when the larger one is moved out of the way.


Made of solid brass and steel, by “blc” (Carl Zeiss Militarabteilung, Jena), and dating around 1942, this 5×70 / 10×70 power Kriegsmarine Gunsight Binocular is in VERY NICE used condition!  It retains approx. 85% original paint, with some obvious marks, scratches, and wear due to the age, but noting that detracts.

The Right Side Optics are quite clear, with only some spotting as you can see in the photos.  Focal adjustment works perfectly, and there is NO haziness!

The Left Side Optics however are blurry/hazy, as I cannot currently adjust the focus (lever slips when turning).  It is quite a complex way to focus a lens (which is probably why the design was changed later in the war), and it can be fixed, so it will work 100%.  Through my own examination, it appears that the adjusting lever has loosened from the cog wheel that turns the focus internally.  It should be quite and easy fix, as it does not appear that anything is broken, but I will leave that to the winning bidder to rectify.  If the focus was working perfectly, the clarity and condition of the optics should match that of the right side.  The targeting reticle is also present.

As I cannot focus the left side, I cannot tell if the optics are out of alignment (collimation).  They appear to be aligned, but I am not 100% sure at this time. 

All other knobs and adjustments turn freely, apart from the knob for adjusting the eye width, which is very stiff, and will need to be lubricated.  The eye width can be manually adjusted, however, by simply swinging the objecting housing whichever direction the use prefers.

The rare illumination plug is still present (no cord or bulb), and the Day/Night filters are still present and work perfectly!

The flip-up rain shields are missing, but that is common on these.  Separate sun shields do come up for sale occasionally, however.

The left side body features the original data plate, showing all information, including the 3-digit code of “blc” (Carl Zeiss), and the KM serial number, “1166“.

As I could not find some good period photos, I have shown a similar gunsight in use in the last photo.  Though it may need some cleaning and adjustments, it is still a BEAUTIFULLY engineered optical gunsight with outstanding performance!  Would make a PERFECT addition to any collection or display!


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