WW2 German Kriegsmarine EM/NCO Tropenhelm – TROPICAL PITH HELMET – EARLY VARIANT – NICE!


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You are bidding on a NICE example of a 100% ORIGINAL German Kriegsmarine  EM/NCO Tropical Pith Helmet!


During the North African campaign, both the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe quickly developed specialized equipment for the Afrika Korps in the beginning of 1941.  Though used extensively, they were not a popular design, and manufacture was halted in 1942/43.  Produced in both a green and tan felt variation.


Made of canvas and cork, this 1st pattern Kriegsmarine Pith Helmet is in GOOD used condition!  The top features an alloy knob with ventilation holes, and the brim edge has a light brown leather edge.  Both the metal Tricolor Shield and National Eagle insignias are ORIGINAL to this helmet, and have never been messed with.  Interior features a leather sweatband, with a manufacture stamp; size 57; and a date of 1942.  Some wear, marks, stains, and tears due to the age.  The top has been crushed somewhat (I suspect someone sat on it), so it does not retain the full original shape up top.  For display reasons, this can be rectified, but VERY NICE otherwise.

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