WW2 German Hitlerjugend M43 Feldmütze – HITLER YOUTH FIELD CAP – NICE!


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You are bidding on a VERY NICE used example of a 100% ORIGINAL German Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) M43 Feldmütze Field Cap!

The M43 field cap (Feldmütze) was introduced for wear by all ranks on June 11, 1943 as a replacement cap for the other field caps then in use.  It was based on the earlier M42 and the Mountain Trooper’s Bergmütze, with only minor variations.  The standard issue M43 field caps were constructed of field-grey material while a black version was introduced at the same time for armoured personnel.  Officer’s ranks were distinguished by piping on the crown of the cap with silver piping for the ranks of Leutnant to Oberst and gilt piping for General Officer’s ranks of Generalmajor to Generalfeldmarschall while EM/NCO’s caps were not piped.  Buttons on the cap were also to be an indicator of rank with field-grey buttons for EM/NCO’s, silver for Field and Company grade officers and gilt for General’s ranks. 

The M43 field cap was probably the most popular of all the field caps produced by the Germans during the Third Reich period. 

Made of wool, this German Hitler Youth M43 Field Cap, is in GOOD used condition!   It retains all the ORIGINAL insignia, and features fold down back and side panels, with two small pebbled aluminum buttons at the front closure.  The back and side panels were designed to be folded down to protect the wearer’s ears and neck and the scalloped front section could be secured with the buttons closed under the wearer’s chin.  The forward visor has an internal stiffener, but as this is in used condition, there are some bends and wear and breaks in the internal stiffener. The interior is fully lined, but no markings that I can see.  Some wear and holes on the interior.  As it is in used condition, there are some stains due to the age, but otherwise solid!  Would make an EXCELLENT addition to any collection or display!

 Please email me if you need additional photos or information.