WW2 German Heer Panzer Schutzmütze – BLACK PANZER BERET / CRASH HELMET – RARE!


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You are bidding on an EXTREMELY RARE example of a WW2 German Heer Black Panzer Beret/Crash Helmet (Schutzmütze)!

The black Panzer wrap uniform was introduced in 1934, allegedly after the chief of the motorized troops, Oberst Heinz Guderian came up with the coloration and design (which he based on a popular ski outfit of the time).

The uniform consisted of a specially designed wrap tunic, pants, and the distinctive black Panzer beret/crash helmet (the only officially sanctioned piece of headgear to be worn with that uniform). The black Panzer beret/crash helmet consisted of a separate, removable beret fitted to an underlying, formed, protective crash helmet.  The insignia on the beret included the national eagle and tri-colored cockade.  The black Panzer beret eventually proved to be impractical as it interfered with the  wearing of the headset, so being unpopular with the troops, was eventually discontinued in 1941.


Made of a heavy padded crash helmet with a removable wool beret, this item is in EXCELLENT used conditon!  The bottom edge of the beret has a hem designed to help secure it to the crash helmet.  The front center of the beret has a National Eagle and Oak Leaf Wreath, both of which have been hand-stitched to the front.  The exterior of the crash helmet has a black wool covering with heavy, internal padding, with horizontal indentations near the bottom, to secure the beret.  The beret still fits snugly on the crash helmet. The crash helmet has six, large rubber ventilation grommets, and the interior is fully lined in black oilcloth with a tan leather sweatband.  Manufacture markings have faded over time.  used in combat, i would make a PERFECT addition to any collection or display!


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