WW2 German Feuerwehr / Polizei Double Decal – Fire Police Helmet – VET BRING-BACK – 100% ORIGINAL – NICE


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You are bidding on a SUPERB example of a 100% ORIGINAL German Wehrmacht SD M35/M40 Combat Helmet!


The first “modern” steel helmets were introduced by the French army in early 1915. The German army began tests for their own steel helmet at the Kummersdorf Proving Grounds in November, and in the field in December 1915, experimenting with both captured French and British helmets. An acceptable pattern was developed and approved and production began at Eisen-und Hüttenwerke, AG Thale/Harz, in the spring of 1916. 

In 1934 the light-weight steel alloy prototype helmet was approved for general use by all fire-fighting units.  This helmet is sometimes designated the “M1934” by modern collectors because of the year of its introduction.  Several different versions of the M1934 helmet exist with many variations resulting from subtle differences in the air vents or visors.  The M1934 helmet was painted semi-gloss black inside and out with two insignia placed one on each side. Fire Protection Police helmets were manufactured with and without an aluminum metal comb.  In some cases the metal comb was also painted black.  As a result of a large surplus in helmets, M1934 models without combs were issued in 1940 for general wear by all fire-fighting personnel.  The helmets used typical civilian style liner systems and chinstraps. The liners were made so that they could accommodate a removable black leather neck shield.  Early versions, like the one shown, were first given insignia that included a mobile swastika and a tilted tricolored shield.  This insignia was also replaced and changed on 28 July 1938 when all fire units were integrated directly with the German Police.

This specific helmet is the square dip, double-vented variant.


Made of stamped aluminum, this M34 Police/Fireman Helmet is in AMAZING used condition!  It remains in the EXACT condition as it did in 1944, when it was captured by the veteran (it has been in storage since 1945).  It retains 90% of it’s original paint and finish, with some slight scratches, wear, and marks due to the age.  Both decals are present, but do feature some wear and marks.  It comes with the helmet band, liner, and partial chinstrap, however the foam padding has hardened over time, and is breaking away.  VERY CLEAR manufacture ink stamp!  The tabs that retain the leather neck shield are present, but some are broken.  Chin strap is also broken, with some wear.  A PERFECT item for any collection or display!


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