WW2 German Elite SS – TRUPPENÜBUNGSPLATZ DEBICA – Shooting Award Plate!


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You are bidding on a SUPERB example of a WW2 German SS Presentation Shooting Award Plate!  This was presented to SS Rottenfuhrer Koller, who served with the SS Traning Camp – 1./SS Batallion SS-Truppenubungsplatz Debica.

SS-Truppenübungsplatz Heidelager (Debica) was a World War Two SS military complex and Nazi concentration camp in Pustków and Pustków Osiedle, Occupied Poland.  The facility was built to train collaborationist military units, including the Ukrainian 14th Waffen SS Division “Galician”, and units from Estonia.  This training included killing operations inside the concentration camps – most notably at the nearby Pustków and Szebnie camps – and Jewish ghettos in the vicinity of the ‘Heidelager’. The military area was situated in the triangle of the Wisła and San rivers, dominated by large forest areas. The centre of the Heidelager was at Blizna, the location of the secret Nazi V-2 missile launch site, which was built and staffed by prisoners from the concentration camp at Pustków.



Made of hand-card wood, this presentation shooting award plate is an AMAZING one of a kind item!  It features an oak leaf motif, with a bird in the center.  Signed by a Hauptsturmfuhrer and presented to SS. Rottenfuhrer Koller, there is an inscription at the reverse, indicating:


“Dem SS-Rttf. Koller
anläßlich des Kp.-Preis-Schießens
am 2.10.1942
1./SS-Batl. SS-Tr.Üb.Pl.Debica
 Der Kp. Führer”


Would make a PERFECT item for any collection or display!


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