WW2 German DAF – Deutsche Arbeitsfront – LABOR FRONT – AWARD PLAQUE – SUPERB!


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You are bidding on a SUPERB example of an IRON WW2 DAF Deutsche Arbeitsfront (Labor Front) Award Plaque!  Probably designed to be mounted on the outside of an official building or barracks.


The German Labour Front was the National Socialist labour organisation which replaced the various independent trade unions in Germany after Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.

Adolf Hitler proclaimed May Day, 1933, as a national holiday and arranged to celebrate it as it had never been celebrated before. Trade union leaders were flown to Berlin from all parts of Germany.  Joseph Goebbels staged the greatest mass demonstration Germany had ever seen. Hitler told the workers’ delegates: “You will see how untrue and unjust is the statement that the revolution is directed against the German workers.” Later that day Hitler told a meeting of more than 100,000 workers that “reestablishing social peace in the world of labour” would soon begin.

The next day, Hitler ordered the Sturm Abteilung (SA) to destroy the trade union movement. Their headquarters throughout the country were occupied, union funds confiscated, the unions dissolved and the leaders arrested. Large numbers were sent to concentration camps. Within a few days 169 different trade unions were under Nazi control.


Made of cast Iron, this is a FANTASTIC example!  It depicts 3 workers on the front, along with the lettering, “Ehrt die Arbeit und achtet den Arbeiter, Adolf Hitler”.  It is painted black with a red painted border, as well as the DAF Logo (Swastika inside a cog wheel).  Maker marked as “HSCS”, as well as “GES. GESCH”.  Some marks and wear, due to the age, but nothing that detracts.  Fairly heavy being cast Iron, it measures approx. 13″ x 20″ in size.  100% original, it would make a PERFECT addition to any collection, or display!

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