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You are bidding on a SUPERB example of a WW2 Imperial Japanese Navy Morse Aldis Signal Lamp, as used on various Battleships, Cruisers, and Destroyers!  This was brought back by a US Veteran who served in the Pacific. 


A signal lamp (sometimes called an Aldis lamp) is a visual signaling device for optical communication, typically using Morse Code.  It is a focused lamp which can produce a pulse of light, by opening and closing shutters mounted in front of the lamp,  via a manually operated pressure switch. With hand held lamps, a concave mirror is tilted by a trigger to focus the light into pulses. The lamps were usually equipped with some form of optical sight, and were most commonly used on naval vessels and in airport control towers (using color signals for stop or clearance). 

They provide handy, secure communications during periods of radio silence as well as other times and were particularly useful for convoys operating during the Battle of the Pacific. There were several types. Some signal lamps were mounted on the mastheads of ships, some small hand-held versions were also used (‘The Aldis lamp’) and other more powerful ones were mounted on pedestals. These larger ones used a carbon arc lamp as their light source with a diameter of 20 inches (50 cm). These could be used to signal to the horizon, even in conditions of bright sunlight. Although it was originally thought that it was only possible to communicate by line-of-sight, in practice it was possible to illuminate cloud bases both during the night and day which allowed for communication beyond the horizon. A maximum transmission rate possible by using flashing lights is no more than 14 wpm. They have a secondary function as simple spotlights. 


Made of bakelite, aluminum, and steel, this piece of equipment is in VERY NICE condition!  Some slight scratches and wear due to the age, but still retains 95% of it’s original black crackle paint!  The on/off switch and trigger both work 100% correctly, as does the latch (though a bit loose).  Also retains it’s original power cord, and Navy marked data plate!  The plug is missing one of the prongs, but that could easily be rectfied.  The bulb appears to be a replacement.  Features a large Data Plate, clearly indicating the Make, Model, Type, Manufacture, and Manufacture Date (December 1943). 

In EXCELLENT overall condition, and 100% mechanically functional (I have not tested it electrically)!  Would make a PERFECT item for any collection or display!


Please email me if you need additional photos or information.


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Although my passion is the Me109, I do offer many other German Aircraft (Fw190, Me262, etc.), as well as USAF and Japanese items. Occasionally I do offer many non-vintage items such as prints and art relating to the time period. As a private collector myself, I am constantly on the lookout for historical memorabilia, authentic photographs, artwork or anything unique relating to military aircraft.


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