WW2 German Wehrmacht SMi.Z.35 Zünder – BOUNCING BETTY FUSE – SUPERB!


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You are bidding on an EXCELLENT relic example of WW2 German Wehrmacht Zünder (Fuse), as used ONLY on the SMi-35 and SMi-44!


The German S-mine, also known as the “Bouncing Betty”, is the best-known version of a class of mines known as bounding mines. When triggered, these mines launch into the air and then detonate at about 0.9 meters (2 ft 11 in).  It was an anti-personnel landmine developed by Germany in the 1930s and used extensively by German forces during World War II. It was designed to be used in open areas against unshielded infantry. Two versions were produced, designated by the year of their first production: the SMi-35 and SMi-44. There are only minor differences between the two models. 


Made of aluminum, brass and steel, this is an SUPERB item!  It is 100% complete and features NO corrosion or damage!  Some slight marks and scratches due to the age, but VERY solid!  Comes complete with all safety pins, and can be taken apart fully.  Some nice stamps and marking throughout!  One of the nicest I have seen, I have indicated it’s location in the last photo.  Would make an EXCELLENT addition to any collection or display!