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You are bidding on a 100% original WW2 German NSDSTB Langemarck-Studium Stationary!

The Langemarck-Studium was a program to promote the gifted from 1934 to 1944 to acquire the right to study at a German university. This should lead “particularly talented elementary and middle school students to college”. The project consisted of a “preparatory course” to acquire the university entrance qualification and the subsequent (desired) study at an assigned university. Funding took place both in pre-study training and in the subsequent studies by the Reichsstudentenführung. A self-application was not possible, only the NSDAP and particularly certain subsidiary organizations of the party (later, during the time of the Second World War , also the German Wehrmacht) were entitled to make proposals. The financing of the studies was secured by the Reichsstudentenführung in cooperation with the Reichsstudentenwerk.

The name was borrowed from the Langemarck myth, which numerous loyal, German national and similar student associations already cultivated shortly after the First World War during the Weimar Republic and which was further promoted during the National Socialist period. In the vicinity of the village of Langemarck in West Flanders (Belgium) a young German volunteer regiment, known by the British as the “schoolboy regiment”, not only captured six machine guns in a bloody battle, but took 2,000 prisoners in 1914.


Made of heavy paper, this is a FANTASTIC item!  Dating around 1944, there are some marks, wear, folds, and stains due to the age, but otherwise SUPERB!  A VERY RARE item to locate, it would be PERFECT for any collection or display!

Please note that as I have a few in stock, the item you receive may look slightly different than the exact item depicted.


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