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You are bidding on a STUNNING and VERY RARE example of a WW2 German Kriegsmarine 1943 IWC Navigational Deck Watch!  Brought back by a US Serviceman, IWC was only contracted to make 1500 of these between 1942 and 1943!

International Watch Co, also known as IWC, is a very high-end Swiss watch manufacturer located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, and is an active member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH.

The German Navy contracted IWC to produce Navigational Deck Watches, for use on German U Boats and Surface Ships dating between 1942 to 1943.  With a C.67 18lig H5 movement, two different versions were made (Steel and Nickel Cases).  Only 2500 units in total were made, 1500 with the enamel dial; and 1000 with the luminous dial.


Made with a 55mm nickel case (49mm dial diameter), this IWC Kriegsmarine Navigation Watch is in SUPERB functioning condition!  Used during the war, there are some marks and wear due to the age, but nothing that detracts.  As the crystal is the original, being 80 years old there are some scratches (see photos), but this could be rectified by the winning bidder.  Though it looks like the enamel dial is scratched/faded, this is an optical illusion caused by the scratches on the crystal making it “appear” that the dial is also scratched.  I can confirm 100% that the dial is NEAR MINT with no blemishes whatsoever!  All numbers and markings are in PERFECT condition!  The EARLY serial number “1080172” denotes that this was one of the FIRST ones of this type produced, and dates between January 13, 1942 and December 21, 1943 (1080101-1086000 block range).  The reverse features the full KM Adler; the KM Registration Number “M   7170”; and classification of  “II Kl.”.

IWC only made 1500 of these, so they are quite rare in this condition.  It is 100% original in every way, and though it is 100% functional, I do not know when it was last serviced.  I would recommend the winning bidder do a service on it, if they wish to use it every day.  Brought back by a US Serviceman, it is an AMAZING and 100% ORIGINAL addition to any collection or display!


Please email me if you need additional photos or information.