WW II German K98 Gewehrsprenggranate 30 – HE RIFLE GRENADE – 100% INERT!


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You are bidding on a SUPERB example of a WW2 German K98 Gewehrsprenggranate 30 (High Explosive Rifle Grenade)!  100% INERT, this was used by all branches throughout the war.

The Schießbecher Gewehrgranatengerät was used by German forces in World War II. It was introduced as of 1942 and based on models designed during World War I.It was intended to replace all previous rifle grenade launcher models, and could be used against infantry, fortifications and light armored vehicles up to a range of 280 m (310 yd).  The Schießbecher could also be mounted on the Karabiner 98a, G98/40, StG44 and FG42




Made of bakelite and steel, this restored and 100% INERT HE Rifle Grenade is in EXCELLENT relic condition, and is dated 1942.  Numerous stamps and markings throughout, and can be taken apart.  There are some very light scratches and marks, but nothing that detracts.  Also comes with the original inert propellent cartridge.  Would make a PERFECT example for collection or display! 

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