WW II German Elt. Wendezeiger – TURN & BANK – Fl. 22413 – Do335 Me262 – RARE!


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You are bidding on a SUPERB example of a WW2 German Luftwaffe Elt. Wendezeiger (Electric Turn and Bank Indicator), Fl. 22413, as used ONLY in Germany’s famous late-war fighters such as the Do335 and Me262 B Nightfighter! 


This instrument measured the turn angle and side-slip of the aircraft, and was connected by a SEPARATE dedicated battery, as opposed to the main electrics.  It was located in the Do335 and Me262B cockpit or main instrument panel and acted as a back-up Turn/Slip in case there was any issues with the main system (or electrics).  It could also be plugged into a secondary socket for emergency use.


Made of aluminum and steel, this VERY RARE late instrument is a SUPERB example and dates around 1944.  Though the battery supply is not included, it is otherwise 100% complete!  This was removed from an aircraft by a US veteran.   The Fl. number is complete on the data plate, clearly indicating Fl. 22413.  It retains 95% of it’s original finish, and features no rust or damage!  I have indicated it’s location in the last photo (Do335 Instrument Panel).  A SUPERB item, perfect for any collector, display, or restoration project!


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