WW2 German Cannon Luftanschluß – PRESSURE TESTING TOOLS – 8.8cm FlaK – TIGER


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You are bidding on a SUPERB and VERY RARE example of a 100% original WW2 German Cannon Luftanschluß Tool Box!  This specific example was ONLY used in conjunction with all 8.8cm FlaK, 8.8cm PaK, and 8,8cm KwK36 Cannons! 

Stored with the cannon (inside the vehicle/tank or with the regular repair/adjustment tools), the Luftanschluß was used to test air pressure of the recoil system.  This was a standard tool box loaded in the Panzer VI Tiger and Panzer VII King Tiger…as well as the 8,8cm FlaK 37 and other field artillery!


Made of steel, aluminum, and wood, and used to test the recoil pressure, this box is an AMAZING example!  100% COMPLETE, it contains two pressure gauges, as well as all the parts and accessories needed.  Dated earlier in the war, it features the Rheinmetall-Borsig code, “dvn” and is dated range 1941/1942 on the tools.  Though the lettering, “Luftanschluß” that is normally painted on the top has been over-painted, and a Finnish nameplate added, it indicates it is for the 8,8cm FlaK37.  Lots of Waffenamts throughout!  Some obvious wear, marks, and scratches due to the age, but nothing that detracts.  Could be cleaned up quite easily for display!  EXCEPTIONALLY RARE in this condition, it would be a PERFECT addition to any collection or restoration project!


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