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You are bidding on a SUPERB collection of WW2 German Wehrmacht Manuals and Handbooks.  This set includes 20 documents relating to the Sd.Kfz. 138/2 Jagdpanzer 38 Hetzer, including both engine and gun manuals.  These range in date between 1942 and 1968 covering the wartime Hetzer, the post-war Swiss G13, the Czech ST-1.  These are scans of the original that will be sent via download link to the winning bidder. 

Dating from 1942 thru 1968, this CD is an EXCELLENT reference for the collector, historian or modeler, with excellent photographs, drawings, and descriptions.  Scanned at high resolution, there are a total of 20 manuals, recorded in both colour and black and white.

Titles included are: 


1 – Panzerkampfwagen 38(t) Ersatzteilliste – 1942


Dated June 1942 and a total of 229 pages, it shows every aspect of the early Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t).  It is a complete reference detailing all components, systems, sub-systems, electrical, and engine, with exact part numbers and detailed drawings.  This was used by all “Hetzer” crews, as most of the chassis was bases on the 38(t).  Also, the early Hetzers featured the early Praga EPA / TNHPS Engine.


2 – Jagdpanzer 38(t) Description – 1945


Dating around 1945 and written in Czech, this is a smaller handbook with a total of 5 pages.  Covers Basic aspects of the Hetzer.


 3 – Panzerjager G13 Ersatzteilliste – 1944


Scanned in Black and White, this German parts list is a total of 91 pages.  Covers all major components of the hull and engine.  Titled “G13”, as this was the original in-house Skoda designation during the war.


4 – Panzerjäger G13 – Ersatzteilliste – 1948


As above, but scanned in COLOUR and is a total of 168 pages. Covers major components of the hull and engine, as well as a full parts list and description.


5 – Panzerjäger 38 – Funkgerät – 1944


Dated January 1, 1944, this is a single page depicting the complete radio system and set-up  Manual number D 9020/40.  Scanned in Black and White. 


6 – Jagdpanzer 38 w 7,5 cm Pak 40 (L48) (PaK 39) – Ersatzteile-Liste – 1944


Dated October 1944, this covers ALL components of the Hetzer , with a total of 138 pages.  No drawings or appendix…but rather a complete list of parts and part numbers. 


7 – Jagdpanzer 38 – PaK 39 Handbuch – 1944


Dated June 1944, this is a total of 32 pages.  Scanned in Black and White, this is the lowest quality document I have.  A bit grainy, but still readable.  Lots of descriptive text, as well as some drawings and tactical use and positioning for the gun. 


8 – Praga-Wilson Transmission Parts List – German and Czech Language – 1944


Dated 1944, this is a total of 43 pages,.  It is scanned in full COLOR and features a list of all parts with 8 cross-sectional drawings and diagrams.


9 – Panzerjäger G13 – Technical Description – English Language – 1946


Features the basic description of the Hetzer, in a total of 2 pages.  Features 1 graph depicting Engine Performance.


10 – Panzerjäger G13 -Technical Description – German Language- 1946


Similar to above, but MUCH more detailed.  11 pages in total. 


11 – Panzerjäger  G13 – Bedienungsanweisung für das Fahrzeug – SKODA – 1946


Scanned in COLOUR, and written in German with a total of 95 pages.  Though originally printed post-war for the Swiss G13, this is an EXACT copy of the German wartime manual.  Features lots of descriptive text, as well as numerous images and diagrams.


12 – Panzerjäger G13 – PaK 40 Description – French Language – 1946


This COLOUR document is a total of 6 pages, with a basic description on the weaponry, as well as VERY NICE images and diagrams.


  13 – Panzerjäger G13 – Fahrzeuginventar – 1946


This is a VERY RARE book describing the complete list of parts and equipment stored inside the crew compartment.  Scanned in COLOUR, it discusses, tool boxes, tools, periscopes, spare parts, etc.  Appears to be a post-war version of the original WW2 German manual.  9 pages in total with various photos/diagrams.


14 – Panzerjäger G13 – Bewaffen – Schießverfahren – Fahrzeug – 1960


A total of 180 pages, this is the post-war Swiss Army covering the weaponry as well as the fuel systems for the Gas and Diesel engines  Scanned in COLOUR with some SUPERB drawings and photographs…many of which were copied directly from the German wartime manual. 


15 – Panzerjäger G13 – Panzermechaniker Fahrzeug – Panzermechaniker – 1968


A total of 178 pages, this handbook was made specifically for the Hetzer mechanic.  Covers the fuel, lubricant, and cooling systems of both the Gas and Diesel engines, as well as transmission, fuel pump, carburetors, etc.


 16 – Panzerjäger G13 – Vorschriften – 1954


27 pages in total, this French and German manual is dated 1954.  Covers basic operating procedures and spare parts.  Easy to read descriptive text and diagrams.


17 – ST-1 Tank Destroyer – English Language – 1946


A total of 5 pages, this is a basic English description of the Czech ST-1 Tank Destroyer. 


18 – ST-1 Tank Destroyer – French Language – 1946


As above, but written in French.  4 pages in total.


19 – Zugmaschine G13 – German 1948


A total of 7 pages, this is a basic German description of the G13 Tractor “Prototype” which featured a spit-windowed armoured hull, capable of carrying munitions and 5 passengers. 


20 -Photos


 A total of 50 pages, this is a set of black and white photos depicting the interior of the Jgd.Pz. 38, G13, and ST-1…as well as a large parts breakdown for both the engine and hull.

A PERFECT addition to any collection or display! 

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