WW2 German Wehrmacht MP38 / MP40 – LEATHER SAFETY STRAP – VERY RARE!


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You are bidding on a VERY RARE used example of a WW2 German Wehrmacht MP38/40 Leather Safety Strap!

In 1941 the “Merkblatt fur die Behandlung der Maschinenpistole zum Verhindern von Hemmungen”, described a newly leather safety strap.  This strap strap was developed for two reasons:

The first reason being that ever since the introduction of the MP, the magazine had feeding problems; the second reason was that the weapon could fire accidentally because the bolt was pulled back by accident (just far enough to load a cartridge but not far enough get caught by the trigger mechanism).

The first problem was never really solved, as the magazine was the weakest part in the design.

Though introduced in 1941, it was not produced by a factory, but rather by the Waffenmeister (weapons-specialist) or armourer on a division level.  They were made from any leather material on-hand (such as a K98 sling).

Not many survived, as most of them were thrown away due to the new cocking handle design that incorporated a safety.


Made of leather, this safety strap is in EXCELLENT used condition!  Almost NEVER found on the market, this is the only original one I have owned.  Though it features some marks, wear, and stains due to the age, there is NO damage or tears!  The leather is VERY solid, and will fits perfectly on any MP!  I have shown one in use in the last photo.  Would make a PERFECT item for any collection or display!


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