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You are bidding on a SUPERB and VERY RARE example of a WW2 German Luftwaffe Lader (Supercharger Fan Blade), as ONLY used on the TROPICAL variants of the DB601 N!  This was recovered from a crash over the Eastern Front, however I do not have any further history.
A supercharger is an air compressor used for forced induction of an internal combustion engine. The greater mass flow-rate provides more oxygen to support combustion than would be available in a naturally-aspirated engine, which allows more fuel to be provided and more work to be done per cycle, increasing the power output of the engine.  A supercharger can be powered mechanically by a belt, gear, shaft, or chain connected to the engine’s crankshaft. It can also be powered by an exhaust gas turbine.

Made of steel, this is an AMAZING piece of history!  This fan blade originates from the supercharger of an Mercedes-Benz DB601 N Aircraft Engine, and all features are SUPERB!  Some slight marks and wear, but EASILY the best one I have seen of its type!  Still retains most of the original clear yellow laquer that protected it from corrosion.  Some hand-written markings on the reverse.  Though normally made of an aluminum alloy, in tropical climates, they switched the blade to steel, in order to resist sand abrasion.  It was also made slightly small in diameter to produce more power (higher compression).  A majority of the tropical Me109s were sent to the Russian Front, so it would explain why it was found there.  An EXCELLENT addition to any collection or display!


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