WW2 German Wehrmacht Luftwaffe Volkswagen – TYPE 82 KUBELWAGEN – REPRODUCTION – SUPERB!


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You are bidding on a VERY NICE REPRODUCTION example of a WW2 German Wehrmacht Volkswagen Type 82 Kubelwagen!  Built by famed historian and author, Uwe Feist, this was constructed on a post-war VW Beetle Chassis!


The Volkswagen Type 82 Kübelwagen is a light military vehicle designed by Ferdinand Porsche and built by Volkswagen during World War II.  Based heavily on the Volkswagen Beetle, it was prototyped and first deployed in Poland as the Type 62, but following improvements entered full-scale production as the Type 82. Several derivative models, such as the Kommandeurswagen, were also built in hundreds, or in dozens.

The four-wheel drive-train that was prototyped in the rejected Type 86 Kübelwagen version, went into mass-production in the Schwimmwagen models. The type-86 performed better in comparative testing, but the additional costs of the more complex four-wheel drive-train (both financial, as well as making the light car a lot heavier and thirstier) didn’t outweigh the benefits, from the German viewpoint. Just like the U.S. jeep, the Kübelwagen was intended to be (able to be) manhandled by its crew, when they got stuck. Easily seating four men, the 725 kg (1,600 lb) empty weight Kübel was easier to lift than the 300 kg (660 lb) heavier jeep. The rear bench would seat three in a pinch, for a total of five inside. 

Built by Uwe Feist, this is a near exact reproduction!  Though it is built on an original vintage VW Chassis, there are NO other original wartime Kubel or VW parts used in this build.  It is 100% street legal, and 100% DRIVEABLE in its current condition.  Made to resemble a mid-war Luftwaffe vehicle, it comes complete with an exact reproduction canvas top and windows!  Though it was recently painted, as it is in used condition, there are some obvious marks, wear, and dents, due to the age.  Original Kubelwagens are selling in the $100K+ range, and usually those restorations consist of LESS than 30% original parts (in some case, only a chassis is be used, and everything else repro).  Now is your chance to have an EXCELLENT full reproduction vehicle that you can use and abuse on the battlefield!  This is currently located in Washing State, so the winning bidder would have to arrange collection or shipping, if out of state.  PERFECT for re-enactors, it would make for an EXCELLENT display!


Note that the mannequin, helmet, and other loose accessories shown in the auction photos are NOT part of this listing, and are for reference only.  You are only bidding on the Kubelwagen itself.

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