WW2 German Luftwaffe Fliegerkappmesser – SURVIVAL GRAVITY KNIFE – Take-Down Model – EXCELLENT!


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You are bidding on a SUPERB and 100% ORIGINAL WW2 German Luftwaffe Fliegerkappmesser (Pilot Knife), as used by various fighter pilots, flight crew, and Fallschirmjäger!  Commonly, this was used in conjunction with the flight pants and survival gear.

Once the pilot or paratrooper hits the ground, he becomes more of an infantryman, who has to get free of his cumbersome parachute.  The possibility of becoming entangled in the shroud lines is a very real one, as is the likelihood of injuring an arm or having it ensnared in the lines. 

The German Luftwaffe developed a special pocket knife which could be opened or closed with one hand to meet this contingency – the Flieger-Kappmesser.    It features a sliding blade inside a metal frame. To release the blade, a crescent shaped lever is rotated 180 degrees and pressed downward.  

The WWII German Kappmesser is fitted with wooden grips, a lanyard bale and a folding marlin spike for disentangling shroud lines. Both blue and nickel versions exist, as well as take-down variants which can be disassembled for cleaning and repair. 

After Crete, the Germans did not mount any more major airborne invasions. The gravity knife continued to be issued to Luftwaffe air crews.


Made of wood and steel, this mid-war Survival Knife in in VERY NICE condition considering it’s age!  Made by Paul Weyersberg & Co., Solingen, there are some slight marks due to the age, but otherwise is in EXCELLENT used condition!  The blade does show some marks, stains, and wear, and has a slight edge.  Manufacture logo is very clear, but there is some slight rust from storage.  The knife features wood grips and is the “take-down” variant.  Features a Waffenamt “5”, and has a VERY TIGHT locking mechanism (the best one I have ever had), with NO cracks or breaks!  Would make a SUPERB addition to any collection or display! 


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