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You are bidding on a NICE example of a WW2 German Luftwaffe Elek. Winter Fliegerjacke (Electrically Heated Winter Pilot Jacket), as used by many German fighter pilots!  This was the last official version made. 

Development of protective flight uniforms began during WW1, and continued into WW2.  What developed were a 1-piece flight suit (2 for winter 1 for summer), which in 1936 developed into an electrically heated flight suit.  This suit consisted of a one-piece jacket/pant combination with separate gloves and socks.  The flight suits contained built-in insulated heating elements which connected directly to the aircraft’s power supply.  The early version was intended for cold weather flight, and was worn over the standard uniform.  In July 1940, new regulations determined a 2-piece flight suit was to be manufactured.  The 2-piece suit consisted of a separate jacket and pants, and was commonly referred to as the “channel jacket”.

This model is the last design made, and is the winter (electrically heated) version, produced in 1944.


 Manufactured in dark brown leather and purple fleece collar, this jacket is in GOOD combat-worn condition!  Though it does show some wear and marks, the leather is still very soft and supple, with no major rips or tears!  It features a hidden 6-button front (one button has come off), and the sleeve zippers are marked “Ri-Ri”.  Though all the electrics are intact, the two sleeve tabs have been removed post-war.  Both zippers function correctly as they should.  All snaps are made by “Stocko”, and also function correctly.  Completely lined in Blue and Grey Rayon, the manufacture label is also present, and CLEARLY indicates a size Ib (36R approx.), and a manufacture date of 1944.  Would make a FANTASTIC addition to any collection or display!

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