WW II German Air Force Fliegerhorst Würzburg Officer’s Mess – EMBLEM ON TILE – VERY NICE!


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You are bidding on a SUPERB example of a WW2 German Luftwaffe Airfield Emblem!  Featuring the logo of Fliegerhorst Würzburg, it is printed and and fired onto a ceramic tile.  This was used in the Officer’s Mess.

Fliegerhorst Würzburg was established for the Luftwaffe as an operational base. It had an all-way grass landing/takeoff area where aircraft simply were directed into the wind for takeoffs and landings.  Though numerous Luftwaffe Units used the
airfield, the units permanently stationed there were:

Stab/Flak-Rgt. 181 (mot.)  Gem.Flak-Abt.

Heimat-Flak-Battr. 15/XIII

LuftschutzAbt. d.Lw. 37

Lw.-Einsatz-Vermessungstrupp 4/VII

9.(Flum.Res.)/Luftgau-Nachr.Rgt. 13

14.(Flum.Res.)/Luftgau-Nachr.Rgt. 12

9.(Tel.Bau)/Ln.-Rgt. 11 (c.Oct 44 – Feb 45)

Fluko Würzburg; Transport-Begleit-Kp. d.Lw. Würzburg (1944)

Ldssch.Zug d.Lw. 73/VII

Ldssch.Zug d.Lw. 113/XIII

Ldssch.Zug d.Lw. 166/XIII

Ldssch.Zug d.Lw. 195/XIII

Ärztliche Akademie d.Lw.

Lw.-Lazarett 1/XIV

Feldlaboratorium (mot) d.Lw. 3

Feldlaboratorium (mot) d.Lw. 6

Feldlaboratorium (mot) d.Lw. 7

Feldlaboratorium (mot) d.Lw. 8

Kriegs-Sanitätsoffiziernachwuchs-Kp. d.Lw.23


Eventually, Würzburg and its airfield was captured by the United States Army in April 1945 as part of the Western Allied invasion of Germany. The airfield was repaired by IX Engineering Command, Ninth Air Force into an Army Air Forces advanced Landing Ground, designated R-24. IX Air Force Service Command units used the airfield as a casualty evacuation and combat resupply airfield.
Fliegerhorst Würzburg was renamed Leighton Barracks on 17 June 1947, in honor of Captain John A. Leighton. Leighton, commander of Company C, 10th Armored Infantry Battalion, 4th Armored Division, was killed in action near Raids, France, on 19 July 1944.


Printed on a ceramic tile, this is an AMAZING one-of-a-kind item!  This is the emblem of Fliegerhorst Würzburg, and was removed from the Officer’s Mess after the war.  Though it has some minor marks, scratches, wear, it is in otherwise EXCELLENT condition for it’s age (one chip in the upper left-hand corner)!  The logo features a Luftwaffe Adler over top of the City’s Coat of Arms.  Colors are VERY vibrant!  The overall size is approx. 6″ x 6″ and would make a PERFECT item for any collection or display!


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